01: “The Hit”

What happens when you get hit in the head playing footy? How do you feel? Do you stay out on the field? What’s going on inside the brain?

Three players from West Brunswick Amateur Football Club – Will Stubbings, Sam Fleming and myself, Ben Rodin – talk through our on-field experiences, while Professor John Olver explains what is happening on a neurological and chemical level.

Additional music by Daniel Birch. “The Elevator Game,” from Music for TV, Film and Games Vol. 1 was interpolated into the mix for this episode (00m40s to 1m33s). Courtesy of the Free Music Archive under Creative Commons License.

Additional clarification note: At 4m53s of the podcast, I cited a 2014 report by Federation University. That journal article actually comes out in 2016, and is included in the reading and transcript below.

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