Unsociable Game is a new podcast that focuses on the links between community footy (Australian Rules) and repeat concussions, against the backdrop of a governing body (the AFL) that grapples with how to enact effective policy measures across all levels of the game.

Spanning over five episodes, the first season tells the story of four footballers from one club – West Brunswick – who deal with concussion in a variety of ways following hits that occurred throughout the 2017 season.

It will explore details such as the initial hit, lingering symptoms as well as larger concerns like the newly formed women’s competitions and the AFL’s community concussion protocol.

Ultimately, the series asks, just what risks is the game creating for its participants, and what answers does the AFL, as the game’s governing body, actually have?

All five episodes of Season 01 will be made available on July 9th all at once, while Season 02 will be coming soon.