Host/Writer/Producer/Editor: Ben Rodin

Ben Rodin is a writer, artist and multimedia journalist based in Melbourne. They recently completed a Masters of Journalism at the Centre for Advancing Journalism and have published with The Conversation Indonesia, The Huffington Post Australia and Pursuit.

In their writing and journalism practice, they primarily focus on social affairs, labour, technology, politics, sport, arts and pop culture, and are currently developing several storytelling projects across print, online and audio.

Music: Tourist Kid

Born in Silicon Valley & residing in Melbourne (via Perth), Australia, experimental electronic musician Tourist Kid (Rory Glacken) is infatuated with the fake. Self-described as “computer shoegaze,” Glacken approaches the concept of ambient & drone music recklessly; processing adopted & synthesized sound sources to create a rich yet abstract latticework.

Inspired by Early AM post clubbing commutes & informed by coming to terms with tinnitus, A Circulation, released on cassette by This Thing in 2016 & his 2017 release on Good Company Records filters motifs of dance music through the stencils of wooly ambient music & minimalistic compositions.

He recently released 2018’s Crude Tracer with Dutch label Melody as Truth.

(Description courtesy of Watartists).